Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stitch Night Rehash

Well that was a fun night. Dessert turned from a horrid peachy disaster to a well received oohaa. Love that. The pound cake was also a success. Which just goes to show you that a little sour cream goes a long way.
Started the red boucle wrap - gosh this rayon yarn is lovely but it sticks to itself so I am going to have to be very careful and deliberate so that it doesn't tangle.
Today is a garden day and a yarn day. Doesn't get better than this..............

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Time Out

So - I was thinking that writing the Great American Novel isn't my style. Short smart mouth moments are more my content. The other issue here is that I wonder what the rules are for discussing friends and family. I suspect I will find out. The trick will be to keep them from reading it don't you think?

A little about me. I usually define myself by my relationship to others. Rather than think up a new way to do this lets rehash the old. First I was a daughter, chosen and adopted. I think this gives me a leg up. My parents managed to convince us (bro is adopted too) that being picked was special. I suspect my sister (who was their birth child) might get a bit ticked at this. See previous paragraph. Shortly after birth I became a sister. I have 1 Sissy, 1 bro, and a missing in action foster bro. Then I became (18 yrs later) a fiancee and wife. Now there's a gig that has lasted for many many years and I feel blessed to have a guy around that makes me laugh and want to hug him many times a day. Wasn't that a bit gooey? Moving on....I am a mom - and grateful to be one. I have 2 great kids and a wonderful son in law. Wealthy in love eh?

What I didn't mention was that I have a long history of being a girlfriend. And fortunately or perhaps from their point of view unfortunately I am usually a long term friend. We are talking 46 years in a couple of cases. I know - but what can I say - I think my friends are cool and rarely let them go. And they are really really funny. So plan to hear more about them. Sometimes the names will be changed to protect me.......... innocent my a............

Anyway moving on - when I was in high school I wrote a column in the school paper that was supposed to be humorous. Sometimes it was more successful than others. So rather than write the GAN (see previous paragraph) I thought I would start to work on my skills here and perhaps something fun would develop. And that is why the title of this blog is used to be wanna be.